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We, Rhys Jackson and Alice Lacey are the founders of Jackson and Lacey Property. 


With a shared vision of being developers , we started our property venture in 2016, by buying, refurbishing and selling houses in Sheffield.


Alice's background in commercial and residential property, paired with Rhys' start up business experience, led us both to create the Jackson and Lacey group.


After completing on a handful of refurbishments, we moved into the rental market using the buy, refurb and refinance model to build up our portfolio.

While we have been adding to our rental portfolio, we have worked with other investors to manage their investments, alongside sourcing and managing our own developments.

Having focussed primarily on properties within the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire region we have built strong relationships with tradesmen, suppliers, estate agents and legal professionals.

Through our tried and tested network, and a great understanding of the local market we have been able to get the maximum out of each property opportunity.

Made up of three distinct companies

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Developing properties and land to optimise their value

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Providing quality rental homes while maintaining strong investments.

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Managing the construction work of commercial and residential properties.

We are constantly seeking new residential or mixed-use development opportunities of all sizes, scales and values, with or without planning permission.


As a privately-owned company underpinned by significant assets, and a proven supplier and contractor network we are able to operate with freedom and flexibility.

If you are interested in exploring a development or refurbishment project with us, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you. 

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